Bury Data Recovery

According to http://datareplayservices.com/, I have a WD ultra passport harddrive which I was using today quite happily when I went to save the work it no longer was showing up on the computer. When I go in the the device menu it does appear in window. When connected to the computer it lights up and sounds as though it it loading but I can not view or access any of the files (it also doesn’t show up it the documents folder/window). Is there a way of recovering the data ? How much will it cost? It contain all my personal documents (& teaching resources) as I had an issue with the computer last month and had back everything up to this while it was repaired. I am based in Bury and desperate at this point.

I am no longer able to access the rather large amount of data on my external hard drive. I spoke with the company who make the drive, Seagate, who dowloaded some software onto my laptop to scan and recover the data. The scan took 48 hours, however their software failed at recovering the data. I have been informed by them the data is still there and do I now need to retrieve the data, so the sensible next step is a specialist company. I would be grateful if you could give me an estimate on costs for this, and also whether it sounds likely I will retrieve data is come for that resembles the file directories I previously had.

The hard drive at first started to get slower and slower making accessing files and the pc generally very slow. The problem kept getting worse until the computer no longer recognised the drive. With some effort, it is possible to scan and locate the drive – even open some of the files (although it takes a very long time to load), but usually after a min or so the drive unmounts again. This is a 500gb seagate drive, I would like to know roughly how much a recovery would cost.

I have an external drive (1TB Western Digital My Book) which was dropped when in use and now clicks when plugged in, I guess a head failure. What would you best price to fix this? Please note I am unable to answer phone calls during working hours, if possible please email/arrange a time to call – I’m in Bury, Greater Manchester.

I had downloaded windows 10 on my external hard drive to install it on my laptop. But it deleted all data from that hard drive and changed it size to 30 Gb, it was 1Tb. After that I formatted it back to 1Tb. Is it possible to get the data from before I downloaded windows installer to the hard drive?