Digital Transcription Matchmaker

Terri Kaminski was introduced to the digital transcription industry in 1986 while working for Dictaphone. She co-founded DocuMedX in 1993 and created and ran the recruiting and training, and retention program for Transcend Services after sale of DocuMedX in 1997. Friends describe her as a cross between Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey and she is friends with everyone she meets.John Kaminski worked in healthcare sales and marketing prior to co-founding DocuMedX. A few years after selling the company he got the entrepreneurial itch again and left the organization to work on a couple of different start-ups. He has since conceded that it is very hard to get this industry out of his blood. Stacey Chapman brings 15 years of Human Resources experience to Digital Transcription Matchmaker. Her industry experience includes, Service, Manufacturing, Acute and Long Term Healthcare facilities.

After spending the last 5 years in the Corporate Arena as a Director, Stacey decided to pursue her passion in Human Resources -which is recruiting. The connection between employee and employer or the “Match” is what makes working in recruiting so rewarding. Transcription Matchmaker gives Stacey the opportunity to do what she loves while staying committed to the career/family balance.Julie McRae started her career in medical records at MedQuist back in 1997 as a Customer Service Representative (CSR). She found she loved working with people and loved helping others. She worked her way to CSR manager then moved to account management. She joined DTS in 2005 as a Recruiter where she worked with Digital Transcription Matchmaker to hire quality MT’s to fill their needs as a company. Julie moved into account management as well as a position to manage the Editors for all of the accounts. Julie has had many different roles in the medical records industry but found Recruiting to be her passion. Nothing beats helping others succeed!Melanie Edenholm handles the books, pays the bills and sends them too. Transcriptionists will never meet Melanie, not because we keep her locked away. It’s just that there are no fees for transcriptionists who use Transcription Matchmaker. Pamela Trotter started working in a pediatric clinic while in college doing filing, reception, and insurance billing, but it was the gal in the back with the “ears” that intrigued her. After a few months, she finally got to give it a try and hasn’t ever looked back. After years of in-house transcription she decided to try the “at-home” mode where she had the good fortune to do supervising, transcribing, editing, account management, and recruiting. Then, as Pamela puts it: “I met Transcription Matchmaker and found MY match.”Bill Ruddick has a long history of working with companies to improve their operations, determine their value, and assist in their acquisition plans or sale. He believes the transcription industry is currently at a tipping point in its growth, technology, and consolidation. Leslie Slusarski got her start in digital transcription after serving in the US Navy as a Hospital Corpsman. After she got out of the Navy she worked in a dialysis clinic where she was asked to transcribe patient reports. She found she had an affinity for getting what she heard to her fingers and onto the page in record time and has worked in the healthcare documentation industry ever since. She is a CMT and has been self-employed as well as working in medical offices and at home as a lead MT, supervisor, and program manager. She is dedicated to helping MTs find their perfect match.